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Primary supplier of vent heads to new aircraft carriers

December 12, 2013, 2:19 pm


With over 50 years’ experience as Specialists Suppliers to the Marine Engineering Industry, Skinner Marine were delighted to win the contract to be the primary supplier of vent heads for the 2 new aircraft carriers, commissioned by the government in 2009. Skinner Marine has been involved in the tendering process since 2007, competing with suppliers through the Marine Engineering Industry worldwide.

The contract involves supplying aluminium vent heads direct to the shipbuilders based in Scotland, the carriers themselves are being assembled and built in various different locations through Scotland. They are then transported to a central location where the ships are assembled and then the fit can begin.

Winning this contract was extremely prestigious for Skinner Maine Services, once again demonstrating that a North East based business has the knowledge and expertise to compete successful within the global arena against worldwide competition.



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