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GRP Doors

Skinner Marine Services are proud to provide you with high quality watertight, weathertight doors we can also provide you with type approval on request, the doors come in various sizes and material such as steel, aluminium & GRP. We pride ourselves on offering our customers high quality product at competitive prices.




All of our Doors and GRP Hatches come with Data Sheets. Please click here to request a data sheet.


Steel Manhole Oval - Type A

Steel Manhole Circular - Type C

Escape Hatch with Coaming

GRP Door with Central Closing System, Porthole and Deadlight

GRP Outside Door with Rectangular Window

GRP Outside Door

GRP Double Door

Hinged Flush Hatch

Steel Hatch with Coaming

Watertight Door with Central Locking and Window

Watertight Door with Central Locking Hand Wheel

Watertight Door with Porthole

Watertight Door

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